Meet The MPP Community Student

Meet Marian Rubin, a graduate of the MPP program

Marian was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. She attributes her discovery of DVU to her father who grew up in the Pocono Mountains and knew about DVU’s reputation for pre-vet students. Marian began studying at DVU in Fall 2013. Originally, she was accepted into the Small Animal Science program which is a pre-veterinarian medicine track for students who are interested in going to vet school. Upon her arrival, Marian decided that veterinarian medicine wasn’t the career she wanted to pursue. Instead, she wanted to study environmental science and learn more about the natural world and its various components.

About halfway through her undergraduate, Marian became interested in transforming her knowledge of environmental science and applying these skills to the realm of environmental justice and policy. In 2015, she discovered DVU’s Public Policy program. She started the Public Policy program as a 4+1 student, which allows students to begin their graduate coursework during their senior year as an undergraduate.

Marian is interested in public policy and specifically what efforts are being made through the policy-making process to advance environmental concerns. She is also interested in agricultural policy and food sovereignty issues at a local, regional, and national level.

Recently, Marian became the graduate assistant for the public policy program. She has been tasked with managing and improving our programs online journal, PolicyMatters. The journal is used to display publications written by the Public Policy programs students and faculty. In addition, Marian runs the blog portion of the journal, highlighting special events, presentations and guest speakers on campus. The journal is a new addition to Public Policy program. It is a work in progress, but it soon will reflect how awesome our program is.

Welcome to Policy Matters. In our journal, you will find articles from professionals, faculty and students concerning an array of policy issues. We believe that all policy, local or national, matters and deserves a conversation. For more information, or to submit an article for publication, please email us at

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