Founders’ Day 2018 MPP Student Poster Presentations

Zaccharia Haynes & Marian Rubin

As part of Professor Baturin’s class, each student is required to work with a non-profit organization as a means to gain a better understanding of these institutions. Zaccharia Haynes and I, Marian Rubin, have chosen to work with a startup non-profit known as Seeding Relief.

Zaccharia Haynes & Marian Rubin presenting their poster on Founders’ Day May 3rd, 2018.

The Seed Relief project started to help restore the decimated agriculture in the wake of Hurricane Maria, which destroyed nearly all of Puerto Rico’s agriculture and infrastructure. The initial objective was to collect donated seeds and provide them to growers in need in Puerto Rico, from small kitchen and community gardens to larger commercial farmers who lost their crops.

The founder, Sarah Dohle, has allowed me the opportunity to work on developing the materials needed to gain non-profit status at the federal level. Together we developed Bylaws and a mock version of the Articles of Incorporation. We reviewed the federal application forms (1023) and organized the non-profits paperwork. We hope to gain federal non-profit status in the near future in an effort to start applying for grants that will be used to continue Seeding Relief’s mission for food security and sovereignty.


John Simila

I have been working under the direction of Cindy Kelly for the Bucks County SPCA. We are currently attempting to rearrange the nonprofit’s website to make it both more user-friendly and aesthetically attractive. To do so, Cindy has directed me to explore as many similar websites as I could find online. This allowed me to see the inside workings of advocating a nonprofit and the difficulties that come with accessibility. It was thus my mission to make sure those who wanted to contribute or visit the nonprofit website did so with limited ease with regards to their mission and goal.

John Simila presenting his research poster on America and Israel on Founders’ Day May 3rd, 2018.

The non-profit class has been an exceptional learning experience and one like no other at DVU. It is able to take a holistic approach to law, history, and policy. Professor Harry Baturin is able to merge all this information with his real-world experiences providing an informed class deep in case studies and analysis of policy initiatives.


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