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Seamus McGraw To Speak At DelVal



As a changing climate threatens the whole country with deeper droughts and more furious floods that put ever more people and property at risk, Texas has become a bellwether state for water debates. Will there be enough water for everyone? Is there the will to take the steps necessary to defend ourselves against the sea? Is it in the nature of Americans to adapt to nature in flux?

On Thursday, October 18th, Seamus Mcgraw will present, “A Thirsty Land: The Making of an American Water Crisis” at 6:00 p.m. in the Life Sciences Building auditorium at DelVal. The lecture will be open to the general public at no cost. The event is co-sponsored with One Health.

Seamus McGraw is the author of a few books, including the critically acclaimed “The End of Country: Dispatches from the Frack Zone,” “Betting the Farm on a Drought: Stories from the Front Line of Climate Change,” and “A Thirsty Land: The Making of an American Water Crisis.” A limited number of copies will be available at the event which will include a book signing following the talk.

Seamus has been a regular contributor to many publications including the New York Times, Huffington Post, Playboy, Popular Mechanics, Forward, Readers Digest, Spin, Stuff, and Radar, and has appeared on Fox Latino. He has received the Freedom of Information Award from the Associated Press Managing Editors, the Golden Quill Award, as well as honors from the Casey Foundation and the Society of Professional Journalists.

A father of four, he lives in the woods of northeastern Pennsylvania with his wife, Karen, his children, and a neighborly bear named “Fardels” with boundary issues.

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