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Meet John Simila, Current MPP Student

John is the current graduate assistant and last semester student at DVU. He received his undergraduate degree in History with a minor in Economics while at St. Cloud State University. He was a cross-country/track athlete as well as a member of Phi Alpha Theta, a History Honors society.  He has presented his research at their conferences in Orlando and New Orleans.

John wrote his  thesis on Evangelical Zionism in America and then continued his studies at the University of New Mexico for a PhD in Middle Eastern History. Following the 2016 election and funding cuts, he transferred to Delaware Valley University to continue his studies on contemporary issues.  Currently, John is writing his thesis on a “New Christian-Zionism” that has emerged over secular nationalism in the wake of the 2016 election.  John is particularly interested in international policy , particularly energy policy and terrorism in the Middle East.  He closely follows daily news sites such as Haaretz, Israeli Policy Forum, JPost, and Foreign Policy.  He is active in the community working for Doylestown Township and assisting in their GIS wing.

John decided to pursue an MPP because he had an awakening to the importance of policy and real news. He spent his life studying historical anecdotes of Zionism and this past year  realized that if he want to make a real impact on scholarship, there must be a sound foundation in the policy behind it.

To date John has finished papers on President Trump’s approach to the Israeli peace process, Israeli’s energy sector, and anti-Semitism in America and Poland.   He completed an internship at Pacem En Terris, which is a nonprofit dedicated to facilitating peace on earth. At the internship, he curated an Israeli-Palestinian fact sheet for them. He has also attended a number of IPF talks regarding security issues that the Middle East faces in the 21st century,

Outside of the classroom, John is a cross country coach at Arcadia University.  In his spare time, he enjoy attending live concerts and catching up on classic films.  He is a fan of the Grateful Dead, Paul Thomas Anderson, Andrei Tarkovsky, and Richard Dawson.

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