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DVU Master of Public Policy Student elected to policy committee for National Young Farmers Coalition

“Most of my life, my interests and passions have been either to grow, cook or educate others about food – so joining the Young Farmers to advocate for farmers and the future of food is one of the most exciting opportunities I have ever had!” – Lindsay Troyer



The National Young Farmers Coalition announced their new policy committee members for the 2020 and 2021 congressional calendar years, and Delaware Valley University Masters of Public Policy student, Lindsay Troyer, has been elected to serve as the organization’s NE region policy representative. The national organization’s goals are to “change policy, build networks and provide business services to ensure all young farmers have the chance to succeed.”


Lindsay, with her comprehensive food and agriculture background, couldn’t be more honored and excited to serve this mission:  “I have always found myself somewhere participating in the food system. Whether it was learning how to plant seeds as a child or getting up at 5 on the weekends to work my first job at a bakery at age 12. When I went to college, I spent my “downtime” outside of class creating educational opportunities on campus for students and local organizations to get more connected to the environment”.


Consistent with her new position, Lindsay has throughout her life, taken every opportunity to get others outside to learn more about BMP environmental stewardship. She enjoyed serving her community in this way so much, that she looked for other ways to serve them too:  “After finishing my undergraduate studies at Rutgers University, I co-opened a restaurant that inspired the entrepreneur in me to venture out solo and open another – and it’s mission was to source and serve as many local ingredients as possible. This passion project kept me deeply connected to my food producing community, and I knew once I moved to Bucks County that I would get connected there too”.


As a current student of the Master of Public Policy program, Lindsay is focusing on Food Policy and Agriculture for her thesis and degree and plans to continue her research on sustainable food systems and agricultural policy once she completes her master’s in public policy next spring. She is the graduate assistant for the Public Policy program on campus and says she’s so grateful because “it has given me this opportunity to be even more connected to policy as a copy editor of the Policy Matters Journal on campus. I’ve also gotten to connect with faculty and community members who champion the same causes that I do, which makes this experience feel like the perfect step towards a career in academia and policy.”


In addition, she says, “I will be growing food on a campus, again” – one of her favorite experiences as an undergrad, and a leadership role she’ll take on once students can come back to campus. “Because truly, nothing gives me greater joy than being in the soil and growing food for my community”.

Lindsay joins 9 other regional representatives, consisting of one general seat and one BIPOC (Black Indigenous People Of Color) seat for each region, and then 5 representatives from the Young Farmers affinity groups and a board liaison. “The Committee is responsible for providing guidance on the design and feasibility of the policy survey and the development of the platform based on the results of the policy survey and policy meetings. The Committee will also lead the presentation of the final platform and conduct listening sessions at Convergence,” the annual conference in November, according to the National Young Farmers Coalition website.


This first official committee meeting is next week, and Lindsay says that she has been “studying up”. “The organization has already done so much. I just want to be able to jump right in and get to work!”


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