Mission Statement

Policy Matters is the Delaware Valley University, Graduate Policy Studies Program’s premiere, nonpartisan, policy and politics journal dedicated to original articles, interviews, research, reviews and posts by Delaware Valley University undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and affiliates. Written and published solely by Delaware Valley University students and faculty for local, state, national and international readers, it publishes articles on a wide variety of policy and political matters, ranging from issues of Animal Welfare to issues of Social Justice and Sustainability to issues involving Zoological Systematics and beyond. As a collaborative effort between undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty, Policy Matters provides a forum for critical thought and an outlet for innovative thinkers to offer varying perspectives on important policy and political matters as well as an opportunity to enable the University to prepare students for meaningful personal and professional lives in service to the community, the state, the nation and the world. Policy Matters encourages all undergraduates, graduates and faculty to gain valuable experience by communicating their articles, ideas, research and reviews to an audience of ever-increasing peers.