Non-Profit Organizations Center

The DVU-NPOC is a student-centered, community-based Center through which students and faculty from the Delaware Valley University’s undergraduate and graduate schools, provide helpful student-participatory services to non-profit organizations, along with clinics and workshops for local, regional and national non-profit organizations and the Delaware Valley University community.

The Center provides assistance in development, education, expansion, and outreach to local, regional and national non-profit organizations through the provision of non-profit organizational mentoring expertise, student interns/faculty-guided student services through the Graduate Public Policy Program, Non-profit Organizations Course (along with other Delaware Valley University Courses), and networking, among other services.  The Center also conducts clinics and workshops, focusing on areas of need for non-profit organizations in conjunction with Graduate Public Policy students’ areas of interest, including grant-writing and governance.  The Center strives to serve a diverse group of non-profit organizations, the local community and the entire Delaware Valley University community.

By welcoming students, faculty, community leaders, activists, and other representatives from Delaware Valley University’s undergraduate and graduate programs and community stakeholders alike to help in both the support, and education, of local, regional and national non-profit organizations, the DVU-NPOC helps non-profit organizations build their capacity for positive change, expand, increase diversity, and promote a more just, inclusive and equitable society.

Delaware Valley University Non-profit Organization Center Participants (Internship/Projects Available):
Bucks County SPCA
Bucks County YMCA
The Seeding Relief
Eagles Flag Football
Delaware Valley university University Non-profit Center Available Participants (Internship/Projects Available):


For more information or to schedule an appointment/review, please visit our webpage or contact either Tanya Casas, NPOC Academic Director at or Harry M. Baturin, NPOC Center Director at