Volume III

Fall 2018

John Simila

Checking an Unrestricted Zion- A Detailed Analysis of President Trump’s Anti-Deadline Approach to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and its Underpinnings

Kevin Green

“Tainted Blood or Tainted Policy? The MSM Regulations on Giving Blood: Is it Time to Modify the Ban?”

Marian Rubin

Closing the Floodgates: A Review of the National Flood Insurance Program


Volume II

Spring 2017

Zaccharia Haynes
The Public-Private Water Show: A Comprehensive Review of Current Water Rights”

Marian Rubin
“A Review of the “Producers-Only” Policy at the Nashville Farmer’s Market: The Struggle to Refine the Mission of the Market” 

Harry Baturin, JD, LL.M
Expanding Access to Higher Education: Law and Policy Considerations for Non-profit/For-profit Joint Ventures Involving Online Distance Learning Initiatives”

Danielle Hudak
Literature Review: Title IX”

Volume I

Fall 2016

Harry Baturin, JD, LL.M.
“A Discussion on Strengthening Enforcement of the International Health Regulations”

Amy Fulton
“Saving Sharks:  A Proposal to Restore Shark Populations in U.S. Waters”

Deanna Giorno
“Sanctuary Cities, Immigration Reform and Potential Policy Changes in the City of Philadelphia”

Colin Chambers
“David W. Schindler; John R. Vallentyne – The Algal Bowl – Overfertilization of the World’s Freshwaters and Estuaries (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada The University of Alberta Press, 2008):  A Book Review”